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    Live Beautiful Nation Foundation

    Live Beautiful Nation was established by Nic Hyl Jamaican Inspired Clothing & Nation Athletic, both clothing brands that wanted to help woman battling the day to day costs of living with breast cancer, when founder of Nic Hyl was diagnosed with breast cancer in the spring of 2022. 

    After realizing how expensive it was on a day to day level to battle breast cancer, and how grateful Nic Hyl was at her own prognosis and experience through her breast cancer journey, the brands founders felt compelled to do something to help others in a similar situation. 


    Helping Woman Battle The Day To Day Costs of Breast Cancer

    So they founded Live Beautiful Nation Foundation, dedicated to helping women,  battling breast cancer.  Battling breast cancer effects the day to day costs of living with and battling the disease, as it takes a huge impact on time, grocery costs, travel expenses to and from treatment, surgeries, MRI's, and doctors visits; in addition to a person's regular schedule and routines. Something I didn't know, until I was living with it myself. 

    For women already struggling with financial insecurity, this can be devastating and often requires difficult decisions to be made about paying for healthcare or living costs. 


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