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    Our Story

    Founder/Creative Director Nic Hyl @nic_hyl on IG.


     When Nic moved to NYC she had $300 and 5 suitcases. 12 years later, she built her brand from the ground up by working for other designers and brands and really learning the craft of fashion design from the inside out. 
    Nic Hyl Clothing creates classically designed pieces for contemporary women to amplify their beauty through our premium pieces. Designed in NYC and made in America by designer Nic Hyl (sounds like Nick Hill), these thoughtfully designed pieces are created ethically to last.  
    Because we make our pieces in America, we are not only able to control our premium quality more, but also contribute to the local economies where our products are made, paying not only our employees, but our suppliers employees a living wage. Currently, we design in New York City, have sample rooms in Northern California and North Dakota, and have our wholesale factory in Los Angeles, CA. 
    As a lover of travel, fitness, fashion and having previously worked in the fashion industry for brands including Norma Kamali and Ralph Lauren, Nic has taken her experience and expertise, Jamaican roots, and Florida upbringing to create a brand inspired by her love of quality, fashion, a vacation inspired lifestyle, and the desire to make all women feel beautiful.
    “It’s the beauty of fashion that I see on a daily basis on the New York City streets coupled with my Florida roots and Jamaican culture,
    that have inspired me to create a swimwear and lifestyle brand, so that 

     all women who feel like they aren't t seen, or are over looked by mainstream brands that cater to a certain "look", feel just as beautiful in my pieces. 

    All races, all sizes, all faces are welcome. 


    The Living Beautifully Community

    Nic believes that all women are created beautifully and deserve to feel that way. In working with women, we noticed many of them had low self esteem and issues surrounding their body image and their self talk.
    To help, Nic Has created free tools to begin the work of improving our self esteem. Find out more or get started on your self improvement journey at , our web site dedicated to help improve, build and grow a beautiful self esteem for all women. 


    As a fashion designer, Nic was trained in traditional design techniques by some of the best in the industry. So we're accustomed to utilizing traditional design techniques to create all of our quality, premium swimwear and resort wear. 
    We practice slow fashion techniques that help to protect the environment, the ocean, reduce waste and ensure the safety of the people helping us to make our products for you. 
    As a small brand we produce in small batches, have some hand made items, up-cycle vintage fabric where we can and re-purpose our excess fabric into new items and waste as little as possible to reduce our impact on the environment. 

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