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    About Us

    Founder/Creative Director Nic Hyl @nic_hyl on IG.


     When Nicole "Nic Hyl" Hylton moved to NYC she had $300 and 5 suitcases. 12 years later, she built her brand from the ground up by working for other designers and brands and really learning the craft of fashion design from the inside out. 
    Nic uses the traditional design techniques from her years of working in NYC's fashion industry to create pieces for contemporary women to amplify their beauty.The Brooklyn based designer knows how to make you look and feel your best through her thoughtfully designed premium pieces that are ethically made to last.  
    As a lover of travel, fitness, fashion and having previously worked in the fashion industry for brands including Norma Kamali, Charles Chang-Lima and Ralph Lauren, Nic has taken her experience and expertise, Jamaican roots, and Florida upbringing to create a brand inspired by her love of quality, fashion, a vacation inspired lifestyle, and the desire to make all women feel beautiful.
    “It’s the love of fashion that I see so many Jamaican people have, that inspires me. From the women in my family, to the bold, vibrant colors, to the style and flare that Jamaicans naturally bring to everything. Both my Florida roots and my Jamaican heritage, have inspired me to create a swimwear and lifestyle brand, that brings the fun to fashion.


    The motto of Jamaica is 'Out of many, one people'; I make quality pieces for all people that want to have fun with their fashion."