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    What To Wear on Vacation

    What To Wear on Vacation

    What To Wear on Vacation

    Whooo hooooo!!!! Even though we're still in the tunnel, we can see the light at the end of it. Causing us all to start questioning not only where our first post global pandemic vacation will be...but what to wear on vacation.
    So many people who have been and still are at home for the last 13 months have rightfully changed their style of dress. Sweat pants, tie dye, and leggings galore have been a mainstay. If you're like most people you probably find yourself questioning what your new style is like let alone what you're packing for that overdue trip. Here are some great suggestions to help!

    Breezy Sets

    These breezy sets are much more familiar than you think. You may have even worn a few of these during quarantine. Think matching pj sets, but the short sleeve with shorts version. These sets are typically worn over your bikini and make for super easy transitioning when you're bouncing back and fourth from the pool to the shops.
    Add a hat, slides and a cute handmade straw bag or crossbody and you're all set!
    Style Inspo:
    Nichyl Breezy Sets Nichyl Hat Nichyl Cute Handmade Straw Bag 


    Romantic Dresses

    We saw a ton of ruffles and romance on the runways for Spring/Summer so it's no wonder that we're seeing that executed in the hero item of spring for decades now; the dress. Romantic dresses are all the trend for spring and when it comes to your get-a-way, having a hero item that you can just slip on a cute pair of shoes and some sunglasses with your go to bag, you're all set!

    Style Inspo:

    Nichyl Romantic dress Nichyl Bag  


    Easy Dressing

    Vacation is all about relaxing. Other than not being at home, the next best way to achieve that is to have on easy pieces that allow you to be comfy. Think oversized caftans, relaxed fit jeans, loose shorts; you get the idea.
    Style Inspo:
    Nichyl Vacation Dressing Nichyl Easy Dressing  Nichyl Brown Vacation dress


    Use these tips to work what you've got in your closet, then add on what you need or want (wink wink). Vacation style dressing is everything you're already doing, just more relaxed. With just a bit of tweaking you can have a ton of style, look amazing, and be the queen of vacation inspired dressing.

    What do you wear when you're on vacation? Comment below!

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