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    Things You Can Do Right Now If You Can't Travel

    Things You Can Do Right Now If You Can't Travel

    Things You Can Do Right Now If You Can't Travel

    With travel still kind of tricky in many places in the world, it can feel really confining that we can't still go anywhere; almost a year into our new normal. With so many things still not safe to travel you may find. yourself asking, "what can I do right now". Well keep reading, because we've got some great things you can use to pass the time until you're in business class again.

    Before we get started on the tips, it's important to note that so much of the fun we have during a time where fun may be found in the little things, being around people that are easy to have fun around is an important thing to keep in mind. So be sure to surround yourself with people that you have fun around; it's super important when we're creating it for ourself vs. doing a travel activity that may keep us occupied.

    Things You Can Do Right Now If You Can't Travel

    Learn A New Language

    This is my favorite suggestion that I'm going to share because it's got travel written all over it! I'm learning French from a children's language learning app I got in the app store. I practice it every day...for FREE, and when this is all over and we can travel the world again I'll have a brand new language under my belt and fully intend on traveling to a French speaking country to use it.

    Nic Tip: Make it simple. Practice for just 15-30 min. per day. The consistency is what's key here and is what's going to have you parle vu-ing in no time!

    Take A Day Trip

    My parents used to pile us kids in the car when I was young and they needed to keep us occupied. I remember we'd go just for the day; driving at most an hour or so in each direction and exploring where we landed. Sometimes this just meant driving 2 towns over and checking out a parc they may have or a great view. Pack a lunch, some great tunes, a couple of great people and it's guaranteed to be one of your favorite new memories! You're welcome ;-)


    There are so many people and organizations in need right now, that maybe your mission until you can travel again is to start using that vacation time for a worthy cause. Perhaps mentoring young kids, or helping animals, or cleaning the oceans, or, or, or. There's so much! Just choose based on what you're passionate about and you're well on your way to getting so much more from the experience than you could ever give.

    Pick Up A New Hobby

    Similar to learning a new language, picking up a new hobby is a great way to spend time you wish you could use towards traveling. Now, it won't cure the beach time blues, but perhaps you could learn something that you could do on your next trip? Or learn how to make something you can bring on your next trip?


    Start A Healthy Habit

    One of the most common spring time goals is to get in shape for summer. Now, I think you're beautiful exactly the way you are (I really do), but that has nothing to do with how you feel and what will make you feel better. So if you're inclined to, "start doing _________ better"'-I'll let you fill in the blank-now may be the time to get started.

    So how are you going to occupy your time until you can travel again? We're so close but we still have a few more months to go... I for one need to find something.

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