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    Stacked: The New Trend In Jewelry

    Stacked: The New Trend In Jewelry

    Stacked: The New Trend In Jewelry

    The new trend in jewelry is layering. Layers EVERYWHERE. Don’t get me wrong, bold beautiful places still have their place in the hearts of jewelry everywhere, but layering is definitely the new girl in town. So how do you layer and which pieces do you layer?

    Before we get into how to layer, let’s chat about what to layer. Ever since dainty jewelry has come onto the scene, it’s been all the rage. The majority of the pieces that you layer, are going to be multiple dainty pieces so that they create one bold effect.

    How to do the stacked jewelry trend?

    How to do the stacked jewelry trend


    When layering necklaces, (my fave), you want to create a staggered effect. So the first chain is maybe 16″, then the next one is 19-20″, the next one is 26″, then 30″, then 36″ and so one. The idea is to let them all hang from your neck, without getting tangled together. The cute factor is severely reduced if you’re untangling your necklaces all day.


    Stacked bracelets have been a trend for years now and it’s not going anywhere. This is super fun because you can play with it so many ways. You can add your watch to the mix to create a bigger stack, you can mix metals, you can even mix high end with budget. There are no rules here. Have fun with it and let your wrists tell a story.
    Throwback of my stack from 2013
    Throwback of my stack from 2013


    This too has been a trend for decades in the U.S. While I only have 1 piercing in my ears, many of women from many cultures have been doing this for centuries dating back to 2000-1600BC! Ear piercings were the first form of body manipulation. As a trend, wearing earrings stacked up the lobe continues to be a jewelry trend now, and probably will be for many more generations to come.

    With the dainty jewelry trend front and center, jewelry designers are making jewelry in much smaller sizes. So as it relates to ear piercings, the way you stack has changed since King Tut was wearing them. The fun part, it there are 11 different places where you can pierce your ears, so it can get really fun when picking out jewelry to adorn all of those locations.

    Trend: Stacked jewelry

    Trend: Stacked jewelry

    Trend: Stacked Jewelry | Earrings

    Trend: Stacked jewelry


    This trend has a more street style vibe but is totally fun when worn with the right look. Stacked rings can be dainty OR cocktail. Mixed metal or one metal. Both hands or one. We’ve seen stars like Beyonce’, Rhianna, and Rita Ora pull it off. Take a cue from their pages and try it for yourself.
    Stacked rings for the win
    Stacked rings for the win. Mixed with new and vintage. I usually only wear my engagement ring and wedding band, but for a fun night out,I’ll stack!

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