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    How To Stand Out At The Beach Or Pool

    How To Stand Out At The Beach Or Pool

    How To Stand Out At The Beach Or Pool 

    With summer on our heels turning heads may be on the top of your list for your beach day activity. But exactly how does one stand out at the beach or pool when there's a sea (see what we did there), of people doing the exact same thing?


    As we highlight some of our best tips for not just standing out, but also having a great time at the beach as a result, read and share these tips for your best summer yet! 


    Create The Mood:

    Last year while sun bathing on the beach with my husband, we saw a woman begin to set up the most beautiful beach spread I had ever seen. There were beautiful throws and towels to keep sand at bay. An adorable little table that people could eat on, An umbrella to help ward off the sun. I'm talking a full on spread. I immediately wanted one and thought to myself, "why doesn't everyone do this?" We're already lugging a bunch of stuff to the beach anyways so why not make those things be a moment? 

    Also, imagine how great all of your pictures from this day are going to be!

    Nic Tip: If the load is too much for your to carry, divvy up the list with your friends so that each person brings some of the items for this gorgeous shared experience. 


    Beach Spread


    Wear Something You Feel AMAZING In! 

    As it relates to you, the best way to look great is to feel great. Feeling great often relates to how we present ourselves + how we feel about ourselves. Working on the latter takes more time (but I've got some tips for that too), but working on the former, making yourself look great is a bit easier to do-despite what you may think. 

    Wear flattering colors-

    Put on colors that work great for your complexion. There is so much more to the world of beach wear than black. Many people think that black makes them look slim. The truth is, a great fitting garment is what makes you look great. 

    Play to your strong features-

    whatever your strong physical features are, highlight them. Draw attention to them. Show them in their best light. 

    Wear pieces that fit you properly-

    When clothes fit us properly, we automatically look our best. Most people wear swimwear that is either too small or too large. Finding the piece that fits just right is key. If you have questions about how your suit should fit, feel free to message us and start the conversations.  Email Me!


    The Dana 1pc.


    Work On You

    Part of feeling comfortable in your skin is believing that. If you suffer from low self esteem, you have to do the work to begin to feel better about you and see yourself in a better light. It can't just be something you want to do, but have to do. 

    Doing the work looks different for each person. For some people that is going to a therapist, for others its yoga or connecting physically with their mind and body, still for others, its meditation. This is going to be different based on what YOU have access to and what you like. The point is to try different things to find out what you like to start the work. 

    To help, I wrote a 30 day challenge last year to help you begin to address the way you speak to and feel about yourself. It's free. Sign up, get the emails and start to do the work to feel as good as you look. 

    Start Working On Your Self Esteem Now:

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