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    Cute Bodysuits To Wear Year Round

    Cute Bodysuits To Wear Year Round

    Cute Bodysuits To Wear Year Round

    Bodysuits are a staple in so many women's wardrobes. They're perfect for layering, can keep you warm, and give a smooth finish to your look. So what type of bodysuits are cute to wear year round?

    Simply put, you can't really go wrong, but you should definitely have some standard bodysuit shapes in your wardrobe so that you can make the most out of them, creating versatile looks all year long. 

    Before we explore some options of bodysuits, let's take a look at why people love them, and why they're not going anywhere anytime soon. 

    Why People Love Bodysuits

    People love bodysuits because of the sleek look they give when paired with the final look. They can also be very comfortable and can simplify dressing when you've got the right one. 

    They can also be easy to put on and off, again when you've got the right one. Lastly, they can expand your wardrobe significantly 

    The Deep V Bodysuit

    Plunging necklines are a wardrobe staple to add a peak of skin when you're covered everywhere else. A plunging neckline also helps to show any necklace stacks you're wearing, elongate your neck, and open up an otherwise closed off neckline for people who have really long hair and are stacking necklaces. 

    To pull this look off, all you need is some body positivity, a favorite pair of jeans, shorts or skirt and if it's cooler weather outside your favorite blazer, coat or jacket to throw over it to create the perfect look you're going for. 

    Jessy is wearing The Dahlia Deep V in Teal Jersey from Nic Hyl Clothing. 

    The Sleeveless or Tank Style  Bodysuit 

    Sleeveless bodysuits are great because of their versatility. Obviously they work great in the summer or warmer climates because they have no sleeves, and still give you that smooth elevated look to a tank top, without continually pulling up out of your shorts/pants. 

    What most people prob don't think of is wearing them in the winter. "Why would I wear a tank top bodysuit in the winter", you ask. Simple. It's going to create another layer and keep you so warm. In this way, you're essentially making it a type of long john to help insulate you. 

    I love layering my tank style bodysuits under chunky sweaters in the winter months. If I'm indoors and get hot, I can just take my sweater off and still have my tank bodysuit underneath. If I get cold again, I just put my sweater back on. That's the beauty of dressing in layers. 

    Tank style bodysuits are also a great idea to pair under difficult blouses where you may want a bit more modesty. In these instances, stick to colors that are more neutral like nude to your skin tone, black or white. 


    Jessy is wearing the Mel Sleeveless Bodysuit In Burgundy from Nic Hyl Clothing. 


    How To Do This With A 1pc Swimsuit

    Similar to the bodysuit, if you have a great swimsuit that pulls double duty as a bodysuit, you can do all of the same things! Check out this video we made showing you how:



     Fun Fabric Bodysuit 

    Because of all of the multiple ways to wear a bodysuit, it's great to elevate them with fun fabrics and exaggerated sleeves. One of our favorite bodysuits is made out of velvet and is great for cooler temps and dressier events. 

    This particular bodysuit has the same silhouette as the Dahlia Deep V bodysuit but gets and upgrade in velvet. 

    This will be gorgeous for holiday parties, with dramatic wide-leg high-waisted trousers and anything else you fancy wearing with them. 

    Tori is wearing the Dahlia Bodysuit in Velvet from Nic Hyl Clothing.  


    Unique Details

    When we first started designing bodysuits, one of the things our head designer, @nic_hyl hated was how hard all of her bodysuits were to snap. Like why are they placed in a spot exactly where you can't really see them? Essentially taking her sometimes 5+ minutes just to snap them back. Sure some bodysuits you can just pull down and pull back up, but others you have to unsnap and snap back to take it on and off. 

    So she designed the snaps on all of the bodysuits at Nic Hyl Clothing to be the first bodysuits with snaps strategically placed so that you can see them clearly and easily snap them back into place. A literal game changer! 

    Things To Keep In Mind

    If you have a longer torso, bodysuits can be tricky to wear since most aren't designer for longer length torsos. Some tips to help navigate that are to:

    1. Size up. Often times what you lack in length can be made up in width. So by going one size up, the excess fabric in width will help to make you feel a bit more comfortable in length. 

    2. If you have a great 1pc swimsuit that you love that is for people with longer torsos, then have it pull double duty as a bodysuit. 


    How have you been wearing your bodysuits? If you're not already wearing them in the fall and winter, start now! 

    Comment below with some images of how you're putting your looks together. We can't WAIT to see them! 

    Don't forget to follow us on social @nichylclothing on IG where you'll see more great ways to wear some of these pieces. 


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