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    2022 Swimwear Trends

    2022 Swimwear Trends

    2022 Swimwear Trends 

    There are so many types of swimwear; classic, sexy, modern, luxury, embellished, retro-you name it. We rounded up some of the best new trends in swimwear for 2022 so you can be ahead of the came this summer season. 

    Unlike clothes, trends in swimwear last a bit longer, usually for a few years-allowing you to get the most from your investments. As with all trends, find the ones that work for you and buy pieces that are well made, so you can get the most of them and they stand the test of time. Because all trends inevitably come back around. 


    At Nic Hyl Clothing, we LOVE embellishment. For us, it's not a trend but something we've been doing since day one. 

    There are different types of embellishments that a swimsuit can have like: crystals, chains, buckles, grommets, embroidery, design details like pleats, appliqués and so much more.

    The Crystal Embellished swimsuits are so beautiful and have the best sparkle in the light. We use the finest crystals and hand apply them to our premium swimsuits, putting every eye on you when you step out into the sun.

    To kick off the summer season, we're giving away a FREE swimsuit!  

    Enter to win a FREE Nic Hyl Clothing Crystal Embellished swimsuit April 5th-May 5th 2022. Rules to enter are simple:

    1. Join our newsletter here: Join the Nic Hyl Community 

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    The Crystal Embellished Bikini Set


    Cut Outs

    Cut outs have been a trend on the rise for the last few years, and they're not going anywhere. While cutouts are tricky for tan lines, they're a great way to conceal some parts of the body, while exposing others. Perfect for anyone wanting to maintain a bit of modesty-especially because cutouts can be minimal or major. 

    When buying a cutout swimsuit, we recommend choosing a cutout that is placed on the part of the body that you want to accentuate. 

    Some swimsuits have the cutout built in, and others can create it. For the style below, we created the look of cutouts with the use of the suspender and the bandeau combined. 


    Cut Out Swimwear



    Peekaboo styles are like the cousin of the cutout. They show skin, without technically showing skin. The sheet insets are strategically placed to showcase the most flattering areas of your body. Similar to the cutouts, this will vary from swimsuit to swimsuit, so choose based on where you're comfy showing your skin. 


    Sheer Swimsuits


    Stay tuned for our next round of summer trends in our next post. What's your favorite swimwear trend? Comment below or tell us over on Instagram @nichylclothing 

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