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    2021 Best Holiday Gift Guide For The Women and Men On Your List

    2021 Best Holiday Gift Guide For The Women and Men On Your List

    2021 Best Holiday Gift Guide For The Women and Men On Your List 

    'Tis the season and we couldn't think of any better way of helping you find that gift for that special women in your life than by giving you our annual Holiday Gift Guide for the women and men on your list. 

    Before we get started, it's important to point out that for US shoppers, you'll want to get started with your holiday shopping a bit earlier this year because of projected shipping delays and port issues. Here at Nic Hyl Clothing, we've been telling our newsletter subscribers to order by December 17th in order to get gifts in hand by Christmas day. What does that mean to you? Ordering any later than 12/17 could put you at risk for wrapping up an I.O.U.

    *we do not receive compensation from the suggestions of our favorite things listed below, except for Nic Hyl Clothing items. 

    Gifts for Women (she/her)

    What: The Mel Bodysuit

    Brand: Nic Hyl Clothing

    Why We Love It: It's ridiculously comfortable and very easy to wear with tons of other pieces. It's also available in a gorgeous navy velvet color too. 

    Price: $75.00

    The Mel Bodysuit



    What: The Silk & Lace Sustainable Sleep Mask 

    Brand: Nic Hyl Clothing

    Why We Love It: It's so luxurious and soft on your delicate eye area. Not to mention that it's uber pretty. Did we mention that it's also sustainable and made from excess silk fabric from our S/S '22 collection? Need! Colors sell out quickly because it's made out of excess fabric, so this tends to run out quickly and is sometimes back ordered. 

    Price: $35 (the brand does have deals planned for the holidays so check the website to see if this applies)


    What: The Irie White Lace Blouse

    Brand: Nic Hyl Clothing 

    Why We Love It: When I was a little girl my mom had this beautiful white lace blouse that was my favorite piece of clothing of hers. I loved how romantic and delicate it was, and how she could wear it with virtually anything and it always managed to make the look, look perfect. Now that I'm a designer and can make clothes, I had to create a beautiful lace blouse inspired by my moms all those years ago.  

    Price: $150.00


    Gifts For Men (he/him)

    What: Martial Arts Activewear & Streetwear 

    Brand: Nation Athletics

    Why We Love It: With martial arts being all the rage and celebs from Halle Berry Keanu Reeves, and Demi Lovato practicing the gentle art to your neighborhood finance guy doing it on the nights and weekends, this ancient discipline has new life and these cute and kitschy rash guards are just the thing for the guy (or girl) on your list. 

     Price: Ranges from $29-$116 (*price reflects sales and sales are at the discretion of the brand and can change at any time)

    Nation Athletic BJJ Activewear & Streetwear


    What: The Premium Bar Tool Set 

    Brand: Bespoke Post

    Why We Love It: Idk about you, but the men in my life enjoy a great cocktail on the weekends, but they don't always want to leave their homes to get it. Enter the Bespoke Post Premium Bar Tool Kit, now they can make all their negroni's and Manhattan's from the comfort of their home. Did I mention that this set is also super gorgeous on your bar? 

    Price: $150.00

    Premium Bar Tool Set



    What: Men's Hand-knit Chevron Stitch Sweater 

    Brand: Aran Sweater Market 

    Why We Love It: I'm really picky when it comes to quality. I love things that are made in traditional ways with artisanal touches and last for years to come. So When I discovered this Irish sweater company that still builds and constructs their sweaters in the traditional Irish fashion that they have become famous for (ever hear of a fisherman's sweater?), I became obsessed. 

    Price: On Sale for $149.95 (*Price reflects a sale and can change at anytime)

    Men's Hand-knit Chevron Sweater

    Gifts For Anyone (they/them):

    What: Shea Butter Whips

    Brand: Cecile's Bath & Body

    Why We Love It: This NYC local fav is just the thing to whip parched winter dry skin into shape! Super moisturizing and leaves skin looking its best! We literally can't get enough in the office.  

    Price: $38.00

    Shea Butter Whips



    What: Jelly Glaze Anytime Lip Mask 

    Brand: Tarte Cosmetics 

    Why We Love It: My lips are naturally full and I find that they are constantly dry. I've tried EVERY lip gloss, mask, conditioner, scrub, stick, and jelly you can think of and I love how hydrated this anytime lip jelly mask leaves my lips feeling. SO many lip treatments out their either leave my lips hydrated but my lips are still peeling or they won't peel, but they're not hydrated. This one does both, and I can't get enough! P.S. You can't go wrong with any of the yummy scented flavors either! 

    Price: $16

    Tarte Cosmetics Jelly Glaze Anytime Lip Mask



    What: Online educational course program for fashion designers and brand owners. 

    Brand: Nic Hyl Fashion University 

    Why We Love It: The one question I get asked all of the time is how to start a clothing brand. I wrote this course to help everyone wanting to start a clothing brand and not knowing how to navigate product development or production. This gift will have them making quality clothes season after season. 

    Price: Book a free 30 minute brainstorming session to discuss your pain points and to see if we're a good fit to work together.  Book A 30 Minute Brainstorming Session! 

    Nic Hyl Fashion University



    What: Theragun 

    Brand: Therabody 

    Why We Love it: This gift is so great that you need to buy one for yourself too! It's a muscle massager for anyone who puts in one two many days at the gym or yoga studio. This is more of a deep tissue, percussive type of massage that sometimes hurts, but in the best way possible. Get you one! I mean...get your friend one ;-) and watch your knots melt away.

    Price: Ranges from $199-$599

    Therabody's Theragun



    Have an item that should be added to our list? Comment below or tell us which of these items is your fav. Share. Like. Comment. Subscribe.  

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