Live Beautifully.

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Nic Hyl, About The Brand

Proudly Made in New York

Nic Hyl was created because we often wondered what it would be like to live in a world where all women feel beautiful, because she sees herself represented in the selection of choices that are available to her.


As a designer brand, we have the ability to create pieces that all women are able to wear; items of clothing that were previously never considered by the fashion community because of lack of knowledge about certain women's specific needs. As global citizens, we felt we had an obligation to do what we could to that end; we can be the change. So traditional and non traditional sized women now have beautiful swimwear and resort wear options.​

Nic Hyl, our founder/CEO started her career working for some of the great names in New York City fashion like Norma Kamali and Ralph Lauren. Learning superior craftsmanship  excellent quality, attention to detail and world class customer service.


We utilize all of these skills to create beautiful, wearable, fashionable swimwear for the modern day woman.


Feel free to travel in these pieces, play in them, or live in them. 




Nic Hyl.

Live beautifully. 

Word of Mouth

I'm in love with the bold colors and contemporary styles. They give the perfect amount amount of edginess, sexiness, and sophistication.

- Lily Samuels - 

I really do feel beautiful in my Nic Hyl swimsuit! 

- Sasha Michaels - 

I love that the brand offers more and more inclusive styles every season. I can really see the growth of the brand. 

- Marina Hills - 

"Live Beautifully"

More than just a slogan. For us, they're actually words to live by...

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