Want longer legs? Here you go! The high cut leg on the Surya Bottom adds inches to your gams in seconds flat! The 80's inspired bottom is the perfect piece to wear with the classic bikini top, or any other top you've got your eye on. 


Super cheeky. In Brazil the women wear small bottoms to accentuate their curves more, lets take a cue from our southern hemisphere sisters! 


Gold foil is a shiny, golden color perfect on just about any skin tone this is the color you wear to be seen.

Pink Coral is camera shy and looks so much better in person than it can on any computer monitor. The best way to descibe it is sort of highlighter neon pink, but with some coral added to it and not as bright...if that makes sense. 

Black Foil is a shiney black color. Your classic black bikini, with a twist. 


Made in the USA with imported fabric. 

Fits true to size. 

The Surya High Leg Bottom