In many cultures, woman "wrap" or tie their hair up with a satin scarf at night to protect it from damge while sleeping. As a black woman, this is something I've done all of my life, as many other black woman have done. 


The scarves are so chic and beautiful and make for a perfect way to tie your hair back wether you're sleeping, lounging by the pool, wearing a massive hat on top of it, or going topless in the convertable. 


This stunner even works great as a strapless top! 


Tie the scarf anyway you'd love to and let your inner 1950's hollywood glam shine! 


NIC TIP: Try wearing it as a scraf top! They're very on trend at the moment.  Jessy is wearing them with our vintage Levi's Jeans. 


100% Polyester Satin Vintage Fabric. 

Made in New York City. 

The Head Wrap Vintage Fabric Scarf

Color: Mauve Floral