I wrote this Mindfulness Journal for you because while helping woman with my swimwear and clothes, I noticed how many of them had very negative opinions of their bodies, and it was creating low self esteem and lack of confidence in how they saw themselves in their swimsuits. 


The Nic Hyl Mindfulness Journal is a great way to begin the work to get reacquainted with what you love about yourself. Written by me, for you. 


The mindfullness journal works beautifully with The Living Beautifully Challenge, that I also created for you to begin the work to build and develop your self talk, self esteem and self confidence. 


As part of our sustainability efforts, this is a download item, to help save paper from any units not sold. We recommend printing with color ink to see all of the beautiful images as intended. This is a PDF document download file. 

Nic Hyl Mindfulness Journal

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    File format is PDF. We recommend printing the Nic Hyl Mindfullness Journal on color printers.