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I’ve been going on YouTube for as long as I can remember (insert millennial joke here). Over time, however, my taste in YouTube videos has definitely improved. Today I want to share with y’all a few of my favorite YouTube personalities!

In no particular order:

Your Girl Kath (Kathryn Burress)


Kath and I met our freshman year at The New School. Since then, she’s gone on to do amazing things including creating her very own YouTube channel! Kath is absolutely fabulous when it comes to makeup, which is her channel’s main focus. Her videos are stunning to look at, her voiceovers are so soothing, and honestly, she’s just really nice to look at. I love this girl so much, she’s doing great things and deserves some recognition!

Instagram: @yourgirlkath and Website:

(Photos courtesy of Kath’s LinkedIn and YouTube channel)

Enjajaja (Enya Umanzor)


As I got more into social media, I watched Enya in Vine before she joined YouTube, and I was so happy when she did. She’s become one of my favorite channels easily because of her sense of humor. Her videos always have a comedic undertone, no matter how serious, and it’s fucking amazing. She’s a gorgeous woman with a beautiful heart and a personality that’s dope as hell.

Instagram/Twitter: @en_jajaja

(Photos courtesy of Enya’s Tumblr and YouTube channel)

Nikki Perkins (of Jamie and Nikki)


Nikki Perkins only one half of a fantastic duo. Her and husband, Jamie, have created a channel together that is equivalent to a very well done reality TV show and it’s boss. She’s created her own channel for things that are more tailored to her (and her viewer’s) tastes. Jamie’s also a  beautiful mom of two and still manages to be a bad bitch, I’m in love.

Instagram/Twitter: @jamieandniks

(Photos courtesy of Nikki’s YouTube channel)



Sheslulu is one of the best people on YouTube because she just does whatever she wants which is extremely refreshing. She’s a Mexican-American queen (second to Selena of course) who likes to beat her face and get lit, which I’m 100% here for. Lulu is a fabulous hilarious woman and she makes my day better with any video of hers that I watch, facts.

Instagram/Twitter/Soundcloud: @sheslulu



Violette is my perfect makeup artist. She’s a cool French woman who knows how to do minimal as well as over-the-top. She’s become my favorite “beauty guru” on YouTube because her videos are straight to the point and always a treat to watch. Violette always gives great tips for beauty and her makeup looks can be achieved by anyone, her accent is a bonus!

Instagram/Twitter: @violette_fr

(Photos courtesy of Violette’s Twitter and YouTube channel)

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XO, Alandria …


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