Your Smile is Your Best Curve is known for their swimsuits that cater to a voluptuous woman, I’ve even spoken about them before in the past. They carry and cater to a curvier customer and sell some really amazing, well made swimsuits. Recently, they’ve made headlines for doing their version of a very popular Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover. I just wanted to say a very heart felt thank youth Swim Suits direct for not only showcasing but embracing every size of a woman we can be made in and showing that beauty and swimsuits know no size. So thanks Swimsuits for all for being a revolutionary!

With a slogan like, “Your smile is your best curve”, it’s no wonder that they pay homage to the female shape in any size the way that they do. They make being a woman, just a bit easier. Show your thanks! Take up to 40% off sitewide – valid now through 6/7 – Shop now use code:  MSitewide Sale – Take up to 40% off sitewide from now through June 7th – Shop Now!

The Original Sports Illustrated Cover

The Original Sports Illustrated Cover home page photo home page photo

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