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Are wrinkles preventable? Probably not, but I’d like to think that we can take measures to avoid them for as long as possible without relying on surgery. The extremes that people go to in an effort to make this happen is extraordinary. Stars like Kim Khardashian have admitted to not smiling to avoid the inevitable smile lines that are created as a result of a happy face. Some people go to extremes like Botox or face lifts and others get facials/masks frequently, to keep the face in good shape.

But is all of this necessary? What minor, daily tips can we do to preserve our skin elasticity and thus prevent wrinkles? I myself practice the following, coupled with the fact that I have good genes, all seems to be going really well. Try them for yourself and tweet me @nichyl with how they worked for you.

Green tea, this ancient Chinese tea has been long praised for all of it’s amazing other benefits like weight loss. For skin however, green was found to work best as a topical agent, like an ingredient in your face cream. You can make a natural toner with Green tea, by using cool tea and adding a few drops of witch hazel and essential oils. This cleansing, dirt removing toner is packed with free radicals and antioxidants and may aid in improving skin elasticity, which could help to reduce wrinkles. Those antioxidants, are why Green tea is so amazing.

Hydrate, keeping a well hydrated face and neck through the use of creams and moisturizers will help to prevent dryness. When the skin is supple, wrinkles will be harder to form. Practice a regimen of hydrating both your inside with water and your skin with moisturizers day and night, and you’re on the road to a more supple face.

Wrinkle Free Beauty TIps

Wrinkle Free Beauty Tips

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