Winter Workout Wear

It’s cold outside. Well, if you live in NYC it is. I find myself wanting to run outside, but having issues on staying warm when I do. Now, I know, eventually I’ll warm up b/c I’m running. But it’s a tricky situation, b/c your clothes get damp from the sweat and being outside in the cold air isn’t a great combination. Moisrure wicking clothes are great for just a situation. There are a few brands that make clothes and workout gear for just this thing. Staying fit in the cold has never been easier than now, with great, revolutionary fabrics to help keep us warm. Take a look at what I found and what I’m considering buying:

Under Armor: Women’s UA ColdGear Longsleeve Compression Mock- This great compression mock neck top wicks moisture away on the inside while keeping you warm on the outside. The trick is the fabric that it’s made out of. The technology of the fabric keeps you dry, in a thin layer of fabric, and allows you to work out while keeping comfortable. If it’s really cold out, try layering with a puffy vest, or a hoodie.

Women's UA ColdGear® Long Sleeve Compression Mock

Women’s UA ColdGear® Long Sleeve Compression Mock

Under Armor: 4.0 Legging- These great leggings trap heat in little pockets in the fabric to keep you warm all day. They are thin enough to layer under sweatpants, hoodies, or other leggings for the really frigid temps. You’ll be warm all day for sure in these amazing classic black leggings. Also available at

Women’s UA Base™ 4.0 Legging

Women’s UA Base™ 4.0 Legging

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