What’s in a Bag?

Anyone that works out alot knows the challenge of the bag struggle. You know? You have your purse, your gym bag, and maybe even your lunch. Needless to say it gets very cramped in these bags of ours. Because I’m always in the gym, or going to work,or runnig around town I get asked tons of questions on how I keep it all together and don’t have a ton of stuff.

I carry one large black leather tote. It goes with everything and holds anything! It’s durable, chic, and easy to carry. Because I’m a fashion girl, it was important to me to have something that was both functional and cute. I definitely found it in this bag. It allows me to carry, my lunch, gym clothes, a change of shoes, my wutch (it’s a wallet-clutch sort of thing), water bottle, emergency snack for when I’ve already eaten my lunch, over ear headphones and sunglasses. It’s heaven.

Now for the gym portion of this bag, typically I carry:

Anti-bacterial pore cleansing wipes: A MUST! Sweat causes breakouts by excess oil production and the bacteria that is found in our sweat. I wipe my face with these great wipes that I found at Sephora for nine buks. Who wants to get a great body, only to have acne?

Headphones: I cannot workout music. My headphones are always with me. I like the over ear ones that are sturdy enough to handle the movement of a workout, and don’t get damaged by the sweat. Mine are Beats by Dre (it seems that workout people all over the land wear this brand for working out-it may have to do with how they hold up during the workout.)

Flip flops: Who knows when an icky shower situ will pop up? Need I say more? Just grab a pair from the dollar store.

Lipstick: You never know when your beau will want to surprise you with an impromtu after work- out acai bowl outing. I like Nars Cruella. Even if in workout clothes, a pouty red lip is perfect.

An extra hoodie: I love to workout in a hoodie, I sweat more, and burn a few extra calories in the process due to the elevated body temp. Because I’m cold after the workout, I have an extra dry hoodie to keep me warm. Anyone will do. Lately, I’ve been a fan of one of my boyfriends old ones, but hey, like I said anyone will do.

Gym Bag: My gym bag is a men’s leather tote. I’m not a fan of a big bulky gym bag that doesn’t go with my outfit, after fall I am a fashion girl! So I got a chic, black leather bag large enough to carry my life in it. This bag can hold my gym clothes, headphones, make up, wutch (part wallet part clutch), heels, lunch, you name it! I get tons of compliments on it too.

What’s in your gym bag? Tweet me @nichyl and share!

Contents of My Gym Bag

Contents of My Gym Bag

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