What Products Beyonce’ Uses To Get Dewy Soft Skin

Oh, to have skin like Beyonce’. A dream? Perhaps. But with the knowledge of knowing what products she uses, it can now be a reality and we can have dewy, soft skin just like Bey. The best part is that some of the products are things we can actually afford!

I’ve admired the appearance of Queen Bey’s skin for years. It always looks fresh, well cared for, dewy, supple, and with no visible pores; basically even her skin is perfect. I’ve often wondered how she got her skin to look like that? I just figured it was either genetics (I mean have you seen her mom?), or some product that cost around $500/oz.

Recently, as I was doing my daily Instagram browse, I discovered the page of her makeup artist @sirjohnofficial and guess what he posted? A pic of the products he used on Bey for the 2018 Grammys. What’s more, most of the products are brands you’ve either heard of or used yourself.

So what contributes to the dewy soft skin, (insert drumroll for dramatic effect) none other than Glossier’s Body Hero! The brand boasts that the product will not only enhance but perfect the look of skin by tightening and smoothing the skin’s surface, increasing elasticity and providing all day hydration.  The dewy skin comes from tiny particles that reflect light creating the dewy sheen that lasts all day. If you LOVE it, treat yo’ self and get the body wash too! Sold. Headed to Sephora now to get some Glossier.

Body Hero is sold online at Glossier’s website and is only $22.00

skincare, Beyonce, glossier

What the super star uses for that dewy soft skin. Photo courtesy of @beyonce Instagram page.

Glossier,Beyonce,Body Hero

This Great Cream Will Give you Dewy, Soft Supple Skin. Photo courtesy of the Glossier’s website.

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