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So I had morning fits (trying on a bunch of clothes for people in different departments so we can see how the fit of all the new styles looks and we can ensure the clothes were made properly) this morning at my job and my co-worker says to me the question all women love, “have you lost weight?”, “what workout are you doing?” “your legs look amazing!” Of course I was jumping up and down on the inside and proud of all my hard work. I began to share my workout routine with her and invited her to come to a Muay Thai class with me. Then I started thinking, I wonder how everyone else is doing with their fitness goals for new year?

Just remember that everyday is a new start, and a new opportunity to do better than the day before. Don’t be hard on yourself if you’ve “fallen off the wagon”, and take it day by day.

Some of my favorite things that help me:

1. I walk around my house with ankle weights on my ankles, a new found love of mine, thanks to a friend that bought them for me as a birthday gift. Literally, every movement around my house, is now a workout. I love them! They come in a variety of colors and weights. Mine are 2.5 lbs. per ankle weight, and are plenty just starting out. Get yours at Amazon.com I’m wearing them right now actually.

2. Eating right. There is no quick fix to years of treating your body poorly. The only thing one can do is start doing what needs to be done, now. Eat right and drink plenty of water. If you’re struggling on what to eat, google “healthy meal ideas”, or follow fitness people on Instagram. When you see that woman with a fit body on your phone screen pop up, trust me, it motivates you to do a few sit-ups. Maybe even a lunge or two.

3. Get plenty of rest. The longer you’re up, the more you’ll eat. Fact. Take a nap, or go to bed early. Your body deserves it.

4. Buy cute workout clothes as your success reward. Even though I’ve been working out for years, I still treat myself  with a new workout outfit when I’m doing well. It gets me excited for my next work out so I can wear it.

These are just some of the things that keep me motivated for working out and staying on track. That and wearing cute swimsuits.

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