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So, now that I’m engaged that means that I’m going to get married. Which means I’ll need a dress. Now, some women have been “shopping” for a wedding dress since they were 5. They know exactly what they want, and who makes it and where they need to go and get it. I’m not that woman. I knew that I always wanted to get married, but to be honest with the selection of men in the world, I wasn’t always sure that I would….then I met Marc. He asked, I said yes and here I am, looking for dresses to wear down the aisle.

As a fashion designer, I definitely have an opinion about fashion, and how I want to look on my special day, but I don’t necessarily have a dress picked out and ready to go. In one word, I want to be stunning. But what woman doesn’t want to be on her wedding day? More than that though, I want 20 years from now when we look at our pictures, I want to still think I looked beautiful on that day, (yes we’ll still be married in 20 years, 40 years, and 60 years from now God willing). I don’t want to laugh and think, “what are we wearing?”, or “why did you let me take pictures with my hair looking like that?”. So that means for me, I’ll be imparting a more classic approach in both my dress and hair and makeup routine.

So far, here are the tips I’ve learned for my wedding dress hunt:

  1. Keep an open mind– the dress in the picture and the model wearing it are not me. I may never look like that in my dress, and that’s ok. I will however, look amazing in my dress because it will fit MY body properly and a proper fit can do wonders for any garment.

  2. Take pictures to your appointment– the pictures are more for you to show your bridal attendant what you have in mind. It doesn’t mean that they will have what you’re looking for, or the exact designer you want, or the dress in your budget. But it’s a great way to visually communicate what you think you want.

  3. Try on dresses you didn’t consider– that cupcake dress may look more amazing on you than the mermaid, but you’ll never know if you don’t try it on. Keep an open mind, have fun and bring supportive people with you.

  4. Keep the entourage small-The more people you bring, the more opinions you will get. If you are an indecisive person, bringing everyone you’ve ever met since the 3rd grade may do more harm than good. I’m bringing 2-3 people with me: my mom, my sister-in-law, and my eldest niece.

  5. Take pictures of yourself in each dress– if you don’t get your dress that day, it’ll serve as a great visual reminder of what your options are. Also, you can see how you actually look in the dress, a camera and a mirror have a different effect. Do you love the image in the view finder as much as you do in the mirror?

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Get great tips for shopping for your wedding dress

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