Vacation A Go-Go

With summer here and trips galore, I ask you what’s your airport look? Are you the girl in her sunday best that everyone is admiring? Perhaps you’re the girl in her semi-pj’S best? Maybe you’re even the girl that somehow becomes sporty and cool and that isn’t your typical go to. Personally, it depends on what I have to do when I land, if I have plans then i dress for that. If I’m just heading to the hotel, well then, I’m super casual and comfy.

Whatever your personal airport vacation a go-go style is, here are some basic tips that will work with every outfit.

  1. Choose a sleep appropriate hairstyle. This means it won’t look crazy if you fall asleep on the plane and wake up 5 hours later, when your flight has landed. Try braids and up-do’s: they actually look better the messier they get. Try your braided style on yur vacation too. The last thing you want to do is your hair everyday for 2 hours…

Braids for an Effortless Airport look

Braids for an Effortless Airport look

2. Choose basics that you can add and subtract from easily to change your look. I’m real big on either white or black tanks and white and black tee’s. Pair them with jeans. Bring a blazer with you to keep warm and wear your flats on the plane. Put your heels in your purse and change if necessary when you land. The most classic, versatile look you could choose. Look how cute this look is and you already have all of the ingredients needed to make it. If not, grab the entire look from Zara.

Entire look

Entire look

It’s literally this easy. Have a great trip!

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