Tummy Tuck

The elusive ab workout. For some, getting and maintaing a toned stomach is nothing. For others they have to go to extreme lengths to get the look and appearance of well toned abs. I named this post “Tummy Tuck” because of the name of one of my favorite workout videos dedicated to abs; not because I suggest you get one. How do women get abs? How do women maintain them? As someone who workouts regularly, I’m still never satisfied and I’m either seeking to sculpt my body in new ways or maintain my body or frankly sometimes both. I still desire to be the best me that I can be- I don’t foresee that stoping. For me, health and fitness is a lifestyle. That said, I’ve learned tons of information about working out over the years. I’ll share some of my favorite tips for abs with you.

  1. This is the most critical of all the tips: abs are made in the kitchen. The way to sculpt that stomach and see the fruits of your labor, is definitely in what you eat. Keep your diet lite, lean and work on portion control to see your abdominal muscles make an appearance. Stay away from sugar; both refined and natural. Drink plenty of water; aids in decreasing bloating and water weight, and eat clean; all of my food gets cooked in the oven with very little olive oil or none sometimes.

  2. Workout your abdominals. Now this part is subjective, if all you want is a flat stomach, then simply following step one is fine. If you want a toned stomach, then you have to engage the muscles. Understand the anatomy of the abdominals and obliques and you can do exercises that target those muscles. Planks, crunches, sit ups, side planks, and anything that requires balance is great to engage the core.

  3. Build up your reps. do about 10-15 of an exercise about 5-6 times. The repetition is good for the muscle to begin to develop. Do about 3-4 different types of exercises in one gym session.

  4. Variety is the spice of life: switch your routine up. It’s not good or fun to do the same routine all of the time. Your muscles build memory and eventually, you’ll begin to plateau. Also, it’s just not fun, and it should be. You’re more likely to quit if you don’t enjoy it.

  5. Cardio. Cardio helps to shed the weight that may be covering your abdominal muscles. Add a cardio element to your weekly routine 2x’s per week. If you feel like you have a fair amount of weight to lose, focus on your cardio only for about one month. Once the month is over begin to add the sculpting to the routine. The idea is to shed some weight first then tone the muscle.

*I am not a personal trainer-I’ve either been an athlete or working out regularly or both since I was 13, these are the tips that I use along the way. Always consult your doctor before engaging in this or any workout routine. 

Example of a Side Plank with Various Levels  of Difficulty.

Example of a Side Plank with Various Levels of Difficulty.

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