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With summer just around the corner, most people are on a mad dash to go to the gym, eat right and really rev up their personal fitness routine so that they can look their best in their swimsuits this summer season. I am one of those people (despite the fact I’ve been working out all winter and eating well, but I digress). But of course this means one thing: I’m always hungry and my healthy foods just don’t seem to keep me full, especially when you consider that I’m burning calories like no ones business. So what do I do?

Eat more! Eating more frequently, and ensuring those meals or snacks are still healthy, actually helps your body’s metabolism to increase. Our bodies are so smart that when you don’t eat enough, it stores the food as fat similar to a reserve. Our bodies literally think we won’t feed them again when we’re not eating enough. When we eat more frequent meals, our bodies will become trained to burn that food, in anticipation for more food. Our metabolisms will increase as a result.

Add more fiber. We know fiber is good for us for so many reasons. But adding more fiber to our diet will help to keep us fuller, longer. So rather than eating (or wanting to eat), every hour or so, when we add fiber to our diet, we should be able to last about 3 hours before our next meal.

Drink more water, I’ve said this time and time again for so many different reasons. For the purposes of this conversation, water will help to make us feel fuller, when added to fiber and eating more frequent meals. It’s a really healthy, calorie free way to ward off hunger.

Eat protein, it helps to both recover and grow your muscles. Plus, when you combine it with the fiber, it will definitely keep you full. Make sure you get enough protein after your work out to really get the best out of your workout. *Don’t forget to eat a small snack about 45 minutes before your workout to get you through it.

*I am not a nutritionist, just a amateur work out enthusiast who practices these habits for a fit healthy lifestyle. Questions? Tweet me @nichyl.



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