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Remember how we just had the holiday season? You know how for some people that is a major set back in fitness and health?  Well, holidays and travel don’t have to be a reason to stop or alter your fitness habits. Now, from experience I’ll admit that following your routine is tricky under any circumstance that is out of your regular schedule. But it doesn’t have to be. I speak from experience- I lost 3 lbs over the holiday break, gained muscle, and increased my stamina-just in the month of December. How did I do it? *Tip: don’t try to follow the same schedule “rules” you follow when you’re at home. You have to be flexible and approach your routine and eating in a day by day method, especially if you don’t know what the next day will hold in store. Figure out, from the night before your schedule for the next day, then find a time to workout, next figure out where you’ll eat or what you’ll eat the night before as well. Now more than ever, drink PLENTY of water. This is the game plan.

So now that we have our game plan figured out, where do you work out, or what kinds of work outs can you do? I’m the queen of working out at home. I’m usually so busy that a traditional gym or even my beloved Muay Thai classes sometimes aren’t feasible. Any of the below exercises or all of them will do wonders and are very efficient.

  1. Jump rope. This is not an easy exercise and a little can go a long way. It’s a high intensity cardio work out, so be careful if you are just starting out. I do 10-20 minutes 5 times per week. The jump rope is easy to pack and the results are amazing for your arms, legs, heart, glutes, calves, and hammies.

  2. Run. Walk (briskly) if you have to. If you’re headed to a beach location, a run on the beach is amazing. If you’re feeling adventurous, run the stairs in the hotel you’re staying at (you’ll get crazy looks-don’t say I didn’t warn you). All you need are your sneakers and you’ve got room in your suitcase for that.

  3. Squats. You can do these anywhere and they are such a great lower body workout. Practice proper form and you’ll get the full benefit of this amazing exercise.

  4. Sit ups. We all know why these are beneficial. There’s no reason why you can’t do them on your trip. They’re free! Just alternate between lower, upper, middle and obliques. You want to get all of your abdominal muscles involved. Throw in a 30 second plank for good measure.

  5. Push ups/dips. For those toned, lean arms you crave-this is it. A little goes a long way. Again, form is key. Work on getting it perfect to see the benefit of all your hard work.

I am in no means a personal trainer or a doctor; just a girl that knows what works for her and sharing that information to help anyone that can use it. Good luck on your journey of health and fitness and have a great vacation. Travel Well.

Nike AIr Max, Essie Nail Polish, Seated Leg Press (courtesy of the Hotel Gym)

Nike Air Max, Essie Nail Polish, Seated Leg Press (courtesy of the Hotel Gym)

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