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Friday, May 11th, the Arctic Monkeys dropped a new album after almost five years of anticipation. I recently listened to it, and as a kind of new fan to their music, I was a little thrown. At first, I was taken aback by how fabulous the instrumentals on each track was. It gave me jazzy, daydreamy, chill 70s/80s vibes, which I fucking loved. The beats were slow and hit really nicely. The more tinkery soft notes were magical, the combination of it all is probably my favorite part of the album; especially in Star Treatment, Golden Trunks, and Four Out of Five.

The vocals in the first couple of songs sounded like Alex Turner but something was a little off. It almost sounded like it was recorded in a secluded studio with low-quality equipment, yet I found it added some charm to the tracks. As the album progressed, the songs got better and better. We go through waves of funky psychedelic vibes to softly jazzy beat ridden instrumentals; as well as those spooky organ sounding notes that are sprinkled throughout the album.

Overall, I thought this album was an 8/10. It’s not AM, but it’s still pretty amazing. I’ll definitely be listening to this album all summer long.

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XO, Alandria

Credit to The Young Folk, Paste, and Far Out Magazine for the photos.

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