To Choker or Not to Choker…

I’m seeing chokers everywhere now. On the streets of New York, at Paris Fashion Week, on reality shows a plenty; you name it. Starting back centuries ago, the choker came about as a way for a woman to remember the passing of a loved one from the guillotine. They wore a short red ribbon tied into a bow as a symbol of their loss. In later centuries, the trend came back after European queens would travel to India and see the local women there wearing them. When they came back to Europe, they had chokers made in diamonds, pearls and gold.

Fast Forward to 2015, and the Kardashians have brought them back. Ever since they started wearing them again, this trend has picked up momentum like no other, and it’s a perfect trend! They’re cute, easy to wear with just about anything and can be very inexpensive or as expensive as you’d like.

One of my favorite brands, Nager By Nic Hyl, has just released a line of handmade Napa leather chokers and boy are they cute! See for yourselves:


Handbade gold fringe napa leather choker. Perfect for a night out on the town.

choker, jewelry, handmade, leather

Subtly beautiful handmade black and gold metallic choker.

gold, fringe, choker, leather, handmade

Handmade black and gold fringe choker, just in case the all gold version is a bit too much for you.

handmade, black, napa leather, choker

Simple, beautiful, black napa leather. Wear this with everything!

choker, fashion, handmade

This beautiful handmade choker can be worn with any outfit, day or night

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