Tips from Insecure: 4 Ways to Get Your Life Together According to Issa Dee

Growing up requires a lot of hard work and effort, and sometimes that effort doesn’t take you where you want to be. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, everything will fall apart and you’re the only person that can put it all back together. It is what it is. But there’s no denying how much it hurts and all you’re gonna wanna do is hide under the covers forever. Which is fine, but not forever. You need a plan.

Take Issa for example. Issa hit rock bottom at the end of season two. She had to move out of her apartment, she got a demotion, and she said her final goodbyes to her boyfriend of five years. It’s rough out here for Issa. And any/all of these things can happen to you too, real quick. But there is always room for improvement, no matter what the situation is.  In season three we can see Issa take the steps to get her life together. Here are four ways to get your life together according to Issa Dee.

  1. Snakes at Your Job

Stand up for yourself. Period. Whether it’s a respectful reply or an all-out read, you need to say something to defend yourself. Because they are not going to stop picking at you and they are not going to get bored of you. By staying quiet you let them think that you’ll let them use you as their own personal punching bag. They’ll get more and more comfortable talking down to you, degrading you, and poking at you. And what’s worse, these are not the same kids that bullied you in middle school. These grown ass adults are at your workplace. They will talk trash about you at work, where someone important can hear. If your boss or anyone else at your job hears these negative comments, they might believe it. And that means these snakes can close doors for you, they can take away opportunities from you and give them to someone else. They are getting in the way of your coin. It needs to stop. Maybe you’re waiting for the perfect moment to speak up or wait for them to magically disappear, but let me tell you, neither of these things are gonna happen. Get it together and speak up!

    2. Confronting Your Boss

Ok so… hear me out. I know confronting your boss has a much higher risk factor than confronting your coworkers. But it’s just as necessary. Think of the coin. Think of your career. You want the very best out of your job. Whether it be your day job or your career, you cannot allow it to make you miserable. Issa knew she had the potential to do a lot more great work than her boss, Joanne, as allowing her to do. Issa was unrepresented and overqualified, making it even harder for her to deal with the toxic (and sometimes racist) work environment at We Got Y’all and it was infuriating.

However, rather than let her frustrations consume her, she organized herself. Issa sat down with Joanne and calmly explained why she should be taken more seriously. She offered her skills, offered her respectful critique of the company, and offered her time. Issa had the initiative to offer what she had so that her boss could see she was trying to be a good employee. And it worked. Make yourself visible.

    3.  Excellent, Good, Poor, Bad… Issa

Ask for help before things get too bad. It can be humiliating, exposing everything you did wrong can help you figure out what to do right. Kelli helped Issa call out her wild spending habits and adjust her priorities. No more fitted caps at Lids, no more eating out (a lot), and Rite Aid is not the place to buy groceries. Or panties. After a quick, but necessary, roast session Issa was able to get the help that she needed. Kelli helped Issa set up long terms solutions with more help from others. She set up Issa with a credit counselor and she offered to help plan out a budget. These are things Issa didn’t know how to do, but Kelli did. I don’t mean to say you should use your friends for your own personal gain, but the resources you need are out there. Don’t deny it because of your pride. Ask for help.

   4.  Appreciate those That Help You Out

Daniel has been letting Issa crash on his couch until she can figure out her living situation. And while she takes care of her own space and Daniel doesn’t really complain, there really is no compensation. Daniel is nice enough to share his space, but it’s easy to see how her presence can become a burden. Kelli had the great idea to help out. Issa started cleaning, doing dishes, and organizing the kitchen cupboards. It may seem small, but it means a lot. Daniel was pleasantly surprised and he agreed to let Issa stay a couple more weeks. This doesn’t mean that you should immediately benefit from you showing your appreciation, Issa just got lucky. You should do it as a thank you, so you and your friend can stay on good terms through this stressful time. People give what they can remember to give back when you can.

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