Tips For A Healthy Summer

Summer isn’t always happy fun time, not for everyone. Sometimes it’s lonesome and draining and sad. With that being said, I want to share a few tips with y’all so your mental and physical health can stay in check.

Routines Are Everything …

Whether it’s a skin care routine, a morning/night routine, or whatever your heart desires – routines help make you feel clearheaded and like you’re doing something good for yourself. Give yourself 10 minutes every day to pick up your room. Set an alarm for yourself to wake up to every day. Write or read for a specific amount of time every day. Do little things like these that’ll get your mind moving and feeling useful.

Alone Time Isn’t Bad …

Get over the idea that alone time is depressing. It’s actually extremely beneficial. When you’re alone, you have time to get to know yourself. Read those books you’ve been wanting to. Go see that movie you’ve been dying to see. Take yourself out to lunch. Listen to some of favorite music and dance around, let yourself go. Hell, masturbate! When we’re alone, yes it can be depressing, but when you’re doing things you want to do, it’s actually quite liberating. You learn more things about yourself when you’re alone, giving you a better sense of self-awareness, which is incredibly valuable for the times.

Come Clean …

Whether it’s physical cleaning or mental cleaning, it can be refreshing, which is a big mood for the summer. Clean up your area. Deep clean your room/apartment/car/etc. Get rid of clutter and insignificant things. Physically cleaning isn’t all that can or should be done, getting your mind to be clear is equally important, if not more. Write about things that are stunting you. Talk to someone about it. Treat yourself in a way that’s replenishing and not destructive. Mental health is just as important as anything else because it’s how you function. If you’re not right within, how do you expect for things to be right externally?

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XO, Alandria

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