Tips for a Good Nail Care Routine

Today, I’m going to be giving y’all some insight on how to create a simple and effective nail care routine for yourselves. Self-care is always important, not just in the form of beauty but in every aspect of your being, and sometimes the little things help a ton. I’ve recently gotten into taking care of nails and it just makes me feel like I have my life somewhat together. Here are some tips from my routine to help.

I start by removing the old polish from my nails, if I have any, with any nail remover and a cotton ball.

After the nail polish is off, I go to wash my hands. This helps get any residue nail polish remover from your hands and sets us up for the next step.

I leave my hands damp after I’m done rinsing them off and proceed to file and shape my nails. Leaving them damp makes it easier to file and shape your nails without the wear and tear of filing on dry nails. When filing, make sure to go in one direction. This prevents splitting and cracking on your nails. I usually use a drug store emery nail file to get the job done.

After I’m done filing and shaping, I moisturize my hands so that your nails and skin aren’t dried out and fragile. It just makes your hands softer and hydrated.

Once the moisturizer is all soaked up into my hands, I’ll go in with a base coat. I use a nail strengthener from Sally Hansen as a base coat. You can find nail strengtheners almost anywhere, especially in drug stores.

Once I’ve let the base coat dry, I either choose a color to paint my nails, use a clear/iridescent polish, or just leave my nails with the strengthener on.

Maintaining something as simple as this is so beneficial. It makes you feel prim and put together, it makes your hands look and feel good, and it’s also way cheaper than going to a salon every two weeks.

I hope you found these tips helpful and that you can benefit from this self-care action. Don’t forget to comment, like, and share this post. Follow us on Instagram @tiesidesandscoops!

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