Tipping the Scales

Balance. In a nut shell we all need it. As I as walking home from my Muay Thai class tonight and doing the “list” in my head of all of the things I need to do when I get home (“shovel car, cook dinner, write blog post, shower, figure out something to wear to work tomorrow? Scratch that, i’ll do that in the morning, email factory, call and make an appointment for a massage, make reservations for my birthday, text my friend the birthday plans, email my accountant and wash dishes”), I realized I need a break. These 21 hour days are starting to take a toll on me.

Next I thought about my resolution and wondered if I was being a better person, remember that resolution of mine? Is this “list” making me a better person? One thing for sure is,  it’s making me tired. Ok, focus, so now how do I simplify and balance the scales in my life instead of tipping them over?

Then it came to me! I’ll meditate regularly and center my spirit to feel the balance I need. For purposes related to both professional and personal goals, I have to keep going like the energizer bunny right now, BUT, I can improve the quality of my being by adding meditation to my existing work out regime and eating habits. I went to the wellness guru of all websites, Gaiam Home Page

Gaiam Home & Outdoor

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So from now on, my mind body, spirit, and work schedule will be balanced. oooooooohhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm.

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