Thoughts on the Self with Past and Present Jenn Im


I advise you all to take a moment this weekend to reflect on your younger selves. Jenn Im, a popular beauty vlogger and fashion designer, released a video on her channel where she addressed some of the diary entries she wrote when she was 15-18 years old. Her writing was dark, gritty, and hit way too close to home. They mostly focused on the terrible loneliness one can endure when you’re growing up trying to figure out who you are.

Rather than wallow in these feelings, Jenn Im, now 28, took the time to address her former self as a friend. She told herself how much she grew as a person. How she stopped talking crap about other people and why, how much easier it will be to make friends and keep them, and how strong she should be because future Jenn will manifest everything she ever wanted and more.

Jenn always tells her audience how she was a very angry kid, we finally see why and it makes sense. It was a time where everything mattered even though it ended up all being temporary. But that meant your pain was the most important thing in the moment, and it can be all-consuming. Even if you don’t immediately connect with past Jenn’s personal problems, you can still practice was she does. Think back on a hard time in your life. When you felt lost, lonely, or insecure, and be kind that past self. Reassure them that everything is going to be ok, that you are in a much better place now. Give yourself credit for the growth, wisdom, and kindness you have earned. You deserve it.

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