The Wrecking Club

My good friend Caroline and I made a trip to the “Wrecking Club” Wednesday night and I’m here to give you the highlights. I had never heard of this place before until Saturday morning. The one we went to was located on 38th street and 9th ave, but you’ll have to keep an eye out because it could be hard to miss.

When you first arrive at the building, it looks a little deserted which is extremely sketch, however, if you continue on to the elevators in the back of the lobby, you’ll find it even sketchier. As we made our way out of the basement, we were greeted with an array of items you could purchase to smash and that got me real excited.

Once we entered the seemingly abandoned room, we were greeted by two people surrounded by buckets of dishes and old technology. Since it was our first time, one of the guys had to give us the rundown of the place before we proceeded to destroy anything. He kept it simple; once we signed the waiver and were free to enter our room, we had to put on a pair of plastic gloves under the construction gloves provided along with googles and a hard hat. There were X’s on the wall which meant we couldn’t hit or thrown anything at it. Once we knew what the deal was, we picked our bucket of dishes and proceeded.

To put it simply, it was the most exhilarating and freeing fucking experience I’ve had since I’ve come to the city. We smashed cheap plates and glasses, annihilated an old printer and laptop AND we got to do it all while listening to Kanye West a.k.a the perfect artists for destruction. Yes, you will be extremely sore afterward but it’s worth it. They offer tons of different packages with different items in each, so head on over to their website ( if you’re looking to blow off some steam!

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