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This morning on the train, I noticed two girls who by all intents and purposes, didn’t appear to know each other. Yet, they were dressed EXACTLY alike, they had their hair done the same way, and their makeup was also extremely similar. I’ve actually noticed this phenomenon in so many places, in Atlanta when I was visiting my family over  Christmas break, in the office at work, and on the street. It got me to thinking: at what point are we following trends too much, and not translating it into our own personal style? Also, why are we doing it?

So I thought this was a great time to show how to take a trend and make it your own, since we are all individuals, right?

Nic Tip: Let what is unique about you still shine through. It may be your hair, skin tone, eyes, height, shape, etc. Don’t change or hide those things in the way you express the trend, because that is how you’ll lose your individuality. Instead, let those unique things about you, enhance the trend.

Trend: White, this is so big right now!

Here’s an example of 3 celebrities all wearing a very similar white look and how it looks so different on each of them, largely impart to their hair, makeup and accessories. Don’t be afraid to interpret a trend in a way that works for you and your personal style. BTW, Solange Knowles, wore this as her wedding dress! Talk about making a look your own!

Photo courtesy of Coco Perez

Photo courtesy of Coco Perez

Get the look:

Carmen Marc Valvo One-Shoulder Cape Gown, Ivory available from Bergdorf.

Carmen Marc Valvo One-Shoulder Cape Gown, Ivory

Carmen Marc Valvo One-Shoulder Cape Gown, Ivory

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