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This weeks’ edition  of The Weekly Scoop is all about after workout skincare. A few months ago, I went to get a facial. Some of you may know I work out regularly, so naturally I sweat when I workout, (they say if you’re not sweating during your workout, it’s not worth it). I also cleanse my face morning and night. I use great products (a combination of Ole Hendrickson and Perricone MD), drink tons of water and don’t wear any pore clogging make-up  on my skin (i.e. I only wear eye make-up and lipstick). So naturally, I expected a great report from my esthetician, right? Wrong. She told me that I had congestion on my nose, and my pores looked clogged. And that while she could tell I had good skin, it wasn’t at it’s best.

My initial thought was to think she sucked at her job, but then I listened to what she was saying and it made sense. She said she could tell I work out a lot, and asked how I cared for my skin immediately after my workout. I said, I cleanse as soon as I can. She suggested instead, a cleansing wipe to remove the bacteria that is in sweat and causing my pores to clog. It all made sense! Remember a few months ago when I randomly broke out on my forehead? It was from the bacteria in my sweat clogging my pores!

I immediately began to research products that are great for just this situation. The trick is to get a cleansing wipe that won’t stripe your skins natural oils, but removes the bacteria in the sweat, and thus prevents your pores from clogging.

Neutrogena: This is a great option for people with acne prone skin. There is no oil in the wipes, so it won’t create a new problem while trying to get rid of an existing one. Available at most drugstores nation wide.

Netrogena Cleansing Wipes

Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes

Biore: Great for everyday use and normal skin types. These wipes will grab, trap and eliminate dirt and grit. Added bonus? It exfoliates too! Available at drugstores nation wide.

Biore Cleansing Wipes

Biore Cleansing Wipes

The Body Shop: Tea Tree cleansing wipes. Removes dirt and leaves skin feeling refreshed and clean. Available from The Body Shop stores nationwide.

The Body Shop Cleansing Wipes

The Body Shop Cleansing Wipes

Put anyone of these great cleansing wipes in your gym kit, and you’re set to go. Just don’t forget to use them immediately after your workout. You and your esthetician will be happy and proud. How does this work for you? Tweet me @nichyl to tell me all about it.

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