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I love jewelry. Now I have my high end, pieces, but true to my personal style, I also love a great artisan piece that is so unique, and stylish in an understated way. I’m fortunate than most, living in such an artsy city like New York, where up-and-comings are bursting at the seams, vying for the attention of the world to take notice of their beautiful work. As an up-and-coming myself, I’m happy to talk about and share the works that I find here. Today, let’s talk about Mano.

So yesterday, I was strolling in SOHO with a very good friends partner, and as he and I made our way from vintage shop, to high end boutique, we passed a small market on Prince street. That is where I bumped into Mano; a local jewelry designer that specializes in silver and wood, or just silver pieces. They are delicate while being bold, sublte while making a statement. Rueben, the jewelry designer/owner of Mano, had beautiful little creations I couldn’t help but try on. It was even harder to resist purchasing. After trying on a few rings, I settled on a beautiful little number, hand made, no cast, so basically- one of a kind. Adore.

Mano: MANONYC@YAHOO.COM, 917-362-2219

MANO Sterling Silver Pinky Ring

MANO Sterling Silver Pinky Ring

MANO Sterling Silver Pinky Ring

MANO Sterling Silver Pinky Ring, Essie Nail color

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