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Flattering swimsuits are hard to find. Pretty swimsuits are also hard to find. So it makes sense that a swimsuit that is both flattering AND pretty, is a unicorn, right? Well not anymore. Flattering, pretty swimsuits DO exist, below I’ll list a few for you and I’ll tell you why they work.

The swim collection at H&M has many flattering, pretty swimsuits for a great price! They work b/c they are blocked either by print or by color and play a trick on the eyes to enhance in all the right places and minimize in the even better places. They look much more expensive than they are, they’re fully lined and I just need to figure out which one (or 2 I’ll order-after all it is research for me :)) I can’t wait to wear it/them. The catch, there is none. But I did forget to tell you the details: They sell the pieces separately, great to get a perfect fit, and the pieces sell from $4.95-$24.95, so you can get this great figure flattering suit, for less than $30.00! They sell men’s suits as well. Order early, they sell out fast! Order yours online at *There is a reason why Beyonce was their spokesmodel last summer….

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