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This edition of the weekly Scoop is dedicated to all of my naturally curly girls. Lately, I’ve been noticing so many women embracing their lushes curls, and it honestly makes me smile, because it’s so naturally beautiful. Regardless of the degree of your curl, or texture, our battle for smooth, well defined curls is nothing short of a mini chemistry class-in terms of finding the perfect formula of products and routine to tame that mane. Once we find that perfect balance though, our beautiful curls excel and the compliments come flowing in. So what are some great products for us to use for the dreaded spring and summer when humidity is at it’s highest, and our curls at their frizziest?

Let’s take this journey together and find out.

Oiudad makes great products for women with curly hair. Specializing in products for women with wavy, curly, tight curly or kinky hair. Their website is actually very informative and will show videos on how to care for and style your type of curly hair. It will also recommend products based off of hair type. One Product I  found, has one just about every beauty award you can think of and prevents curly hair from swelling  in the heat and humidity. Even the most unruly curls are rendered calm, cool, and collected with style that will last and last. Also works as great protection against blow-dryer heat when a straight style is preferred. Go buy it now!


Hair Tools curly hair can be difficult to comb dry, actually next to impossible the tighter the curl is. TIP: I always detangle on wet hair, in the shower with the pressure of the water beating down on my scalp-it helps to pass the comb through my hair with little to no effort. The comb I use is equally as important as the technique. A wide tooth comb, with no seams on the teeth are perfect! Try this one from Sephora (Ouidad makes one too-actually that is where mine is from),


The topic of shampoos and conditioner is much more in depth and really depends on your type of curl, do you use color, is your hair gray and many other variables that would make this post 12 pages long if I wrote about them. I’m happy to refer any of you to the sources of knowledge that I used for myself to get to know my curls. Please ask me if you have any questions or post your comments so the community can help to. We love to share here at Tie Sides and Scoops!

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