The Weekly Scoop

Summer is all about being effortless and easy in your mind, style and dress. This edition of the weekly scoop focuses on that laid back vibe and will help to impart some of that ease into your own lifestyle, if you don’t already have it.

One of the first rules to this laid back spirit, is to have a positive mind, which will foster positive energy in your life. People that subscribe to this type of thinking and lifestyle, are amazingly positive and see the glass as half full. As a result, they often come out on top of a situation, no matter how bad the situation may be. One trick I use is to just have faith that the problem will be ok, and then do everything in my power to help make it better. I don’t stress.

Spread kindness. One common thread you’ll find of people that seem to have this easy, effortless lifestyle is that they are genuinely warm and friendly to all. It doesn’t mean that you like everyone, it just means that you are a good human, and that energy emits from you. You literally create the energy you seek from the world, and from others.

Be positive. Be kind. Spread love. Give, what you seek, create happiness.


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