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This weeks edit of The Weekly Scoop focuses on what to wear to the Memorial Day BBQ’s and parties you will no doubt embark upon later today and tomorrow. Now, if you’re like me you want to wear shorts, tanks and sandals. You may even be fortunate enough to throw a swimsuit or 2 into the equation. But, if you’re also like me, it may not be exactly shorts and tank top weather for you just yet. It’s nice in New York, but I think I would be cold to just wear the shorts and tank. So how can you be weather appropriate when the weather changes so frequently? From rain to warm to cool to wind? Try layering your look to create warmth. Not the type of layers we were wearing with our parkas, but layer your tanks and summer dresses for a very chic boho look while staying warm. Take a look:

Layered Looks for the Season  Photo Credit: Unknown Source: signiturestyle.blogspot.com

Layered Looks for the Season Photo Credit: Unknown Source: signiturestyle.blogspot.com, Models: unknown

Now lets break down the looks:

Denim Jacket, we spoke about this before. You need to have one. I had one once from high school and like a person that’s not smart, gave it away-right when it was starting to get beat up and worn in and faded. Now I have a new denim jacket, but I have to start all over again. I got mine from Levi’s and love it! Tip: if a brand is known for making something, buy it form them. It get’s no better than a denim jacket from Levi’s. www.levi’s.com

Denim Jacket www.levis.com

Denim Jacket www.levis.com

Skirts: A great alternative to shorts and they are festive enough for a party. In this pic, we see a cheetah pencil skirt and a long pleated maxi skirt. Below, check out these great skirts that will pair beautifully with your new denim jacket. Both skirts are available from www.topshop.com

Tropical Print Tube Skirt www.topshop.com

Tropical Print Tube Skirt www.topshop.com

Poppy Bloom Maxi Skirt www.topshop.com

Poppy Bloom Maxi Skirt www.topshop.com

Basic White Tank or Tee: I’m not joking when I say this has got to be my favorite article of clothing. I have tons of fitted white tee shirts and tank tops. They pair beautifully with everything. If I’m feeling daring, I’ll get them in black. Try it. There are so many places to get a great white tee shirt. Try Target www.target.com. Because they’re white and I’ll get them dirty quickly, I try not to spend an arm and a leg on it.

Mossimo Women's White Tank www.target.com

Mossimo Women’s White Tank www.target.com

Voila! Just like that you are ready for your weekend parties. Pair your look with either super cute flat sandals, or strappy high heel sandals, depending on your mood and add your accessories. You’re all set to go! Drive Safely.

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