The Weekly Scoop

This edition of The Weekly Scoop is dedicated to my parents. Now at first glance, it would appear that they have nothing to do with fashion, or a swim lifestyle. But in fact they support me, encourage me and continual provide an ear to listen, or an idea when I need to brainstorm about my fashionable goals. I’m grateful that I have them and that they are both present and willing to be in my life. I’m able to pursue my dreams because of the sacrifice they’ve provided over the years and the love they still give to me so freely.

It was them that encouraged me to be fearless enough to chase my dreams and conquer them. I’ve come so far in just a few years, and I can’t wait to see where this life takes me. I know that I can do anything, I’m confident enough to believe that because of the lessons they’ve taught me and the wonderful example they’ve set for me throughout my life.

Thanks mom & dad, this one’s for you! *Check out how fashionable they were! 🙂

Parental Units

Parental Units

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