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This edition of the Weekly Scoop looks at the impact of fitness and how it is weaving it’s thread in almost every fabric of fashion and style and is definitely having it’s way with swimwear too. In fashion, we’re seeing things like baseball jackets, floral ball caps, sneakers and just an overall comfort meets fashion movement. That look translates in swimwear with surf inspired looks, sporty style bikini tops, and fuller more sporty bottoms. Even fabrics like neoprene that are traditionally reserved for wetsuits are making their way in Prada fashion shows and swimsuits from Lisa Fernandez.

How do you translate this into your own personal style on the beach or on the streets? I would suggest, not letting your entire look be sporty from head to toe, but instead take cues from this trend and be inspired by it. Wear one piece that may be sporty and let the rest of the look evolve around that inspired piece. Wearing  the rashgaurd to the pool or beach is a great idea, but maybe it’s floral, or maybe you wear the traditional rashgaurd with floral bottoms, or  more girly pieces to create a great, styled look. This trendy look also has the added benefit of protecting the skin from UV rays because of it’s coverage. I love 2 for one deals!

These looks, from Zimmerman’s surf capsule collection for Shopbop, get’s it just right:

Fashionable Rashgaurds by Zimmerman

Fashionable Rashgaurds by Zimmerman

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