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This week’s edition of The Weekly Scoop is a bit delayed; I’ve had so much going on in real life, but I still wanted to talk about this topic. It’s a trend that I’m noticing and doing myself. White. I see white in so many places. Perhaps I notice it because I love it. I think it’s a great way to boost a fading tan, it makes you look darker. It looks cool and chic, even if it’s 95 degrees in the shade. Also, it actually is cool to wear  – it doesn’t absorb heat the way darker colors like navy do. White actually reflects the heat, so it keeps the body temperature a bit lower. It looks oh-so-chic on most people, have you ever seen someone in a white suit, or white swimsuit? #Flawless.

I wear a lot of white in the summer, for all of the reasons I listed above. I wanted to share with you some of my looks from this past Labor Day weekend. How much white do you see in these pictures? You should know, that I wore these outfits not knowing I would be writing about how much I love white.

Some tips to keep in mind when wearing white: Don’t be afraid you’ll get dirty. The more attention you focus on something, the more likely it is to occur. I’m very clumsy and I don’t think about getting dirty in white-and surprisingly, I rarely do. Buy your size- It’s easy to look bigger than you are in white if the fit is too small, buy your size. Better yet, buy what fits, it will look 100% times better. If your skin tone is more pale, try cream instead of a bright white, it will flatter you better.

The Classic Bikini: This awesome little number is from my line of swimsuits, Nager by Nic Hyl, and  is the answer to a classic triangle bikini. Usually, most people opt for a classic black bikini. I thought white would make more of a statement. Available at Nager By Nic Hyl Pair this look with a hat and some great shades, and you my dear, are officially going to turn heads. ***Notice my nails are accidentally white too: “Marshmallow” by Essie

The Classic Bikini in White www.nagerbynichyl.com

The Classic Bikini in White www.nagerbynichyl.com

The Strapless White Dress: This gem of a classic provided me with compliments left and right the entire day. I kept it simple, wearing minimal jewelry, my hair up and flat, muted gold sandals from Club Monaco. To complement the look, I’m carrying a white and gold Boston bag by Gucci. I got the faux horn cuff from work as a perk. You should know everything in this look (except for the sandals), is an old classic I got re-acquainted with in my closet. You don’t have to buy new pieces every other day. Just make sure the pieces you buy, can stand the test of time. The dress is about 10 years old, the bag about 7. I bought the high end bag at the end of the season sale the year I bought it (I’ve written about this trick before), and it wasn’t a lot of money at all.

The Classic Strapless Dress

The Strapless White Dress

Tank and Denim Cutoff Skirt: ******MAJOR TREND ALERT******Denim skirts will be big for fall. From cutoffs, to pencil to fit and flare. You will see them in many different places. Consider finding your old one in the back of your closet, or investing in a new one. The transition perfectly from season to season and never go out of style. Mine is an oldie but a goodie from Levi’s. It use to be longer, and I cut it, I wanted that frayed look. I paired it with a silk, floral tank from Club Monaco, the same muted gold sandals, also from Club Monaco and that same Gucci bag. This is also a perfect example of how to use the same accessories in a totally different way. This outfit has touches of white, but notice how it lightens up the look, as opposed to a heavier color would.

Club Monaco Silk Tank, Levi's Cut off Skirt, Club Monaco Gold Flat Sandals.

Club Monaco Silk Tank, Levi’s Cut off Skirt, Club Monaco Gold Flat Sandals.

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