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As fall is here and winter is quickly approaching, it may feel like beach travel is out if the question, but why does it have to be? In this week’ sedition of The Weekly Scoop, we’ll take a look at some of the best beaches to travel to while we have our cold season, here in North America. After all, it’s summer somewhere!

Puerto Rico: while Puerto Rico isn’t the hottest place to visit this time of year, it sure is miles away from the cold. With an average high of 83 and low of 70 (Fahrenheit), from October to February, it’s ideal to soak up some rays on this gorgeous tropical island. So gorgeous in fact, that my mom and I are going there for a mommy and me trip in February.  I can’t wait to visit this beautiful Island again.

Puerto Rican Coast asSeen From Old San Juan

Puerto Rican Coast as Seen From Old San Juan

Australia: What better place to go to the beach than to a country that has there summer when we have winter? Besides the beautiful beaches, Australia also has beautiful people, a budding fashion industry, great wildlife and a laid back, easy feel.  It’s definitely on my list of places to travel to.

The Beaches of Australia

The Beaches of Australia

There are tons of places to visit during the fall and winter, I only highlighted a couple.  Do your reasearch, find a place that works for your needs and book a flight. It’s much too cold to stay here all winter!

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