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I’ve been so ridiculously busy the last few weeks, that I haven’t had time to write my precious blog posts,  go grocery shopping, do laundry, or anything else that makes one feel like a “normal” human being, whatever that is. I’ve been pre-occupied with planning a launch party, running back and forth between my factory and my cutter, running to the fabric store, the trim store, and enjoying being young, in NYC. Today I finally have an easier day, but by no means free from obligations and responsibilities.

I promised myself that I would relax by working out, doing a home facial, painting my nails and finally using the bubble bath I bought over a week ago. It’s important to me that with working 20 hour days repeatedly that I do a few health related things, faithfully. They include working out, eating properly, pampering myself resting when I can (and not feeling guilty about it), and drinking plenty of water. I learned that I can keep going because I do these habits.

My Water: is infused with strawberries, mint and lemon: it naturaly detoxes my system of any impurities and tastes great! It’s a fun way to add flavor to plain ole water.

My Workouts: are a combination of running in my neighborhood, Doing the Tone it Up workouts on youtube with Karina and Katrina, and doing the Brazillian Butt LIft (the name of this workout is hilarious, the results are insane!)

My bubble bath: LUSH. All natural, never tested on animals, smells delicious, and are hand made in England, (lately, I’ve been fond of a few English things 🙂

Life isn’t easier because of these things, but it is much more enjoyable because I have the stamina to tackle what is thrown at me during my crazy, hectic, NYC fashion days.

Lush Cosmetics www.lush.com

Lush Cosmetics www.lush.com

*That adorable pink and purple bath fizzy is in my tub right now with Jasmin bubble bath. They call it the Sex Bomb. Enjoy! 

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