The Skin You’re In

It’s hard to be confident if you’re not comfortable in the skin you’re in. Healthy skin, hair, and nails is in my opinion the 3 of the 4 majors in self confidence and that trickles into our self esteem. So from time to time, I like to touch upon this topic. So what do you do if you have skin problems? How can you correct it and prevent permanent damage?

Now, depending on your general approach to things, I may be the best-or worst-person to ask about skin. I say that because I’ve never had a skin problem. Ever. I didn’t have breakouts as a teenager and I don’t have them now as an adult. Sure I’ve had a pimple or two from  time to time and even a zit here or there. But that’s really it. When asked about my skin routine, I don’t really do much: I cleanse, tone and moisturize morning and night. In the mornings, my moisturizer has SPF and at night I use coconut oil. That’s my “secret”.

What I believe contributes to my skin more than anything is what I put in my body and not necessarily just on my skin. I don’t drink soda. I don’t eat a lot of candy or chocolate. I drink A LOT of water. I eat natural foods from the earth and prepare them in a healthy way. This not only helps my skin, but my eyes, my hair, my nails, my teeth, and my body. My eyes are bright, my  hair is think and healthy, my nails are very long and strong, I’ve never had a cavity and I’m fit and in shape. I tell you this not to brag, but to show you the benefits of a natural, healthy lifestyle that is available to all. I use my food as my medicine and put in my body, what it needs to perform at it’s peak performance.

The Produce Section-Nature's Cure

The Produce Section-Nature’s Cure

I am not a nutritionalist. I am not a doctor. I am not a personal trainer. I am just a girl, who eats right, works out and has been doing it for years. I speak only from my own personal experience. That said, if you want to ask me any questions, please do- I love to help 🙂

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