The September Issue

In the fashion world, there are some constants: February is month, We love ANYTHING Rihanna wears, and The September Issue of most major fashion publications is the holy grail of what’s what in fashion for that season. It’s the thickest issue of the year, it has some of the best editorial spreads, the publications work on it for months in advance and whoever is on the cover is typically a major force in fashion…and whatever field they belong to.

This year, Vogue (US) and British Vogue not only put 2 of the biggest stars at the moment on their covers, but they are both women of color; with Vogue (US) putting Beyonce’ on the cover-and allowing her to be the guest editor in chief for the entire issue, and Rhianna on the cover of British Vogue. The implication of such a major move by the fashion publication is an acknowledgment of not only the validity of the beauty of women of color, but how that beauty is front and center in the world of fashion.


In Beyonce’s US Vogue issue, not only is the start turning pages by controlling everything we see in the issue (that is what a guest editor in chief does after all), she also made history by having the first ever black photographer, Tyler Mitchell,  shoot the cover. For a publication as old as Vogue we can’t help but think, “it’s about time“.

Vogue US September Issue

Beyonce Knowles Carter on the cover of the coveted September issue.

British Vogue:

For Rhianna’s cover, Rhianna had a lot of creative control on the look that she presented for the cover. So much so that the songstress chose a very ultra skinny eyebrow, reminiscent of the 30’s and the 90’s and causing a HUGE debate on the future of eyebrows. Will the trend depart from the current bold, bushy boy brow? Only time will tell.

Rhianna on the Cover of the September British Vogue issue

Skinny brows and a Fashion Icon on the cover of British Vogue’s September Issue.

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