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So yesterday, we talked about great sales and  how to navigate them. This entire week will be devoted to a sale of some sort at a great brand. Today’s choice, The pearl. Well, La Perla that is, is having a sale! a whopping 40% off (select items) to be exact. La Perla makes exquisite lingerie, swimwear and clothing that are all made in Italy and constructed with the finest materials. This sale is such a great opportunity to treat yourself to an item that you’ve been eying for some time.

Like we spoke about yesterday, sizes go quickly with these luxury sales, so start shopping early to garuntee your size is available, because once your size is sold out-it can be next to impossible to get it. You basically have to pray that someone returns your size, and hope you’re lucky enough to know that they did so you can buy it. Trust me on this one, I speak from personal experience.

So what should you be racking up on at this La Perla sale? Well, here are a few ideas to get the juices flowing:

This is actually a bodysuit, but is such a great deal at $88.00, I had to show you. Pair it with a blazer and super cute jeans or slacks for a more sophisticated look on your vacay. Perhaps a dinner is in store? La Perla sale : 40% discount

Violetta Body Suit-www.laperla.com

Violetta Body Suit

Who doesn’t love pretty lingerie? Every girly girl does. These beautiful pair of panties are your’s for the taking. With a mesh full back they provide seamless coverage for what ever you choose to put over them. La Perla sale : 40% discount

Ecstasy Brazilian Brief

Ecstasy Brazilian Brief

Get a great night’s sleep in this beautiful silk baby doll. Feeling adventurous? Pair it with a pair of jeans or ripened up shorts, it will look great as a baby doll top. La Perla sale : 40% discount

La Perla Babydoll with Matching Panties

La Perla Babydoll with Matching Panties


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