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As I was walking home in the snow globe called NYC today,  I was seriously thinking I need to be on someones beach ASAP. When I got home, I was so excited to discover a super cute bikini website I found while surfing the internet. Since sharing is caring, here I am caring with you.  They incorporate a blog, a shopping site, and an editorial all in one. It’s like a one stop bikini shop. So in one place you can find out all sorts of things beach related. I do mean all. I love their “Beach Beauty Tips” from a bikini model, or just the swim fashion they show, or the travel advice they give. This is definitely a new fav for Tie Sides and Scoops. We love bikini.com without a doubt!

So let’s check out a few of the trends they show for this swimsuit season:

Stringy: Incorporate a little va-va-voom to your look. Ok, so probably not the best suit to lay out in, but the impact is full throttle and will definitely make you the center of attention.

Mikoh Kahala Front Criss Cross Bandeau top

Mikoh Kahala Front Criss Cross Bandeau top

Fringe: They have a few super cute fringe pieces to choose from. I totally love, love, love this adorable little fringe coverup and the way they styled it. Another great option is to add some bangles to your look- I personally love bangles with beach wear. The sound they make when they hit each other reminds me of seashells dancing 🙂 This adorable coverup is only $27! Seriously? Buy 2 at this price.

For only $27, get yours now!

Lace Crochet Tank – Coral

They have free shipping (click the link below), just write me back when you get them to tell me how much you’re in love.

*TIP: When buying suits online, buy the size you normally buy. But take a look at the models proportions, not her size, if her top is bigger than her bottom and yours is too, it’s a good gauge to see how it will fit with your proportions. Do you have curves, look for a more curvy model. The logic should hold up and help you narrow down a style that will work for your shape. Remember, use her proportions as a gauge, not her size.

FREE SHIPPING at bikini.com with code: bikinilove – It’s Summer Somewhere

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