The Kingdom of Thai-sides

As I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin begin to slightly sizzle to the point where I require a sip of water, I sit up and look at my friend. She asks, “are you ok?” her question lingers into the sip of her drink. I reply, “never better”. Only to be awaken by the cold snow slapping me in the face, again for what seems to be the umpteenth time in the last 7 days. I sadly realize, I’m still in the snow globe called New York City.

Yes. I chose to live here. Yes. I enjoy it most times. Winter in Januay and February in New York is one of the times I don’t enjoy it. So, I’ve decided to start planning. I’m going to Thailand! Now granted, I’ve got to wait until the end of the year to go to Thailand, but I hear it’s the type of trip that requires planning. So what better day to plan, than a snow day?

What suits will I bring? Will I design new suits for myself to wear? What fabric will I choose? Where will I stay? What airline will I fly? Can I get a deal? I. Can’t. Wait!!!!

Obviously, I’ll be taking a few swim suits with me. The beaches are in the south of Thailand and just majestic! Another friend of mine just came back and her recommendations sound devine! I figure I’ll pack at least 5 different suits, we’ll probably be in the south for a few days, then travel north to the Jungle to see the elephants.

Krabi, the southern most tip in the Kingdom of Thailand (as it is formerly known), is renoknowed for it’s sandy white beaches, islands that almost vertically erupt out of the sea and its majestical beauty. With more than 130 surrounding islands and an extensive mangrove of forests, it gets very busy with tourists and I’m glad we’ve started our planning because of it’s popularity.

We’ll be booking our travel on

So with that, I’m Thai-ing my sides and packing my scoops. Thailand, here I come!

P.S. You will definitely hear more about this topic as the time nears.

South Thailand

South Thailand

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